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Shad Lures  BTS ECOGEAR - (6 per pack)  4.5 inch / 6 colours FREE SHIPPING

Shad Lures BTS ECOGEAR - (6 per pack) 4.5 inch / 6 colours FREE SHIPPING


BTS Ecogear shads




Dynamite Taste & Explosive scent.
The most appealing  of all the ECOGEAR SHAD type lures, BTS. The combination of a realistic bait  fish appearance and shape, with a thick fat heavy tail, makes the lure furiously  beat at the water to produce a strong resonation. It slow wobbles makes it even  more naturally attractive to the target fish. BTS is effective on a wide range  of predator fish, such as sea bass, rockfish and flatfish. The most prominent  feature is the fat thick heavy tail that kicks strongly through the water to  produce a strong presence. The finely crafted tail is balanced to accommodate  fast and slow retrievals, while producing a strong vibration from the time in  hits the water to its retrieval never missing out a bite chance.

A slit from the neck to the belly has also been built in to the lure. The  slit allows for effective offset hooking even with this tall and thin body. The  slit depth has been set so as to not inhibit its natural movement. BTS Works  great with #2 to #4 hook. Highly effective jig head rig or offset hook Texas  rig. Not only great in open water but also highly appealing around roots, and  rocky areas where hard lures fail.


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